How To Clean A Levoit Air Purifier

How To Clean A Levoit Air Purifier? Easy Guide

When I first got my Levoit air purifier, I wasn’t entirely sure how to clean a Levoit air purifier effectively. But, as it turns out, monthly maintenance is crucial to maintain maximum efficiency and extend the HEPA filter’s lifespan. So, here’s how I tackled it, which might be helpful for anyone wondering about maintaining their Levoit air purifier.

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How To Clean A Levoit Air Purifier?

Understanding the Filters

Levoit air purifiers typically include a pre-filter, which is part of their 3-in-1 filter series. This pre-filter requires careful cleaning to avoid damaging other components. 

The HEPA filters in these units are constructed with tightly woven fibers that trap microscopic particles over time, leading to reduced effectiveness.

Cleaning the Pre-Filter

Gentle Vacuuming: First, I gently vacuum the pre-filter’s surface to remove dust and contaminants. It’s important to ensure that the vacuum cleaner used has a HEPA filter to prevent reintroducing particles into the environment.

Using a Dry Cloth: If the dirt is stubborn, I use a dry cloth to loosen it before vacuuming. It’s vital to avoid being overly rough to prevent releasing particles back into the room.

Regular cleaning of the pre-filter helps in prolonging the HEPA filter’s life, which typically requires replacement every six months. Luckily, Levoit air purifiers often feature filter replacement indicators, eliminating the need to track replacement dates manually.

Replacing the Filter

  • Unplugging the Air Purifier: Safety first! I always unplug the air purifier before starting any maintenance.
  • Removing the Top Filter Cover: This step varies depending on the model, so I follow the specific instructions in the manual.
  • Removing the Used Filter: This is also an opportunity to vacuum or clean the interior.
  • Installing the New Filter: After unwrapping the new filter, I install it and close the cover.
  • Resetting the Filter Replacement Indicator: This step ensures the purifier tracks the new filter’s lifespan accurately.

Safety Precautions

During the process, I make sure to wear gloves, goggles, and a mask. After turning the unit upside down and unlocking the filter cover, I carefully lift the lid and remove the filter for cleaning.

Post-Cleaning Steps

Once cleaned, I reinstall the filter, ensuring it fits snugly. I then lock the filter cover back in place and flip the air purifier back to its normal position.

Running the Air Purifier Consistently

I’ve found that running my Levoit air purifier constantly helps maintain consistent air quality and prevents overworking the unit. It’s also surprisingly energy-efficient, which is a relief considering my utility bill.

In conclusion, knowing how to clean a Levoit air purifier is vital for its performance. Regularly cleaning the pre-filter and replacing the HEPA filter as needed are key steps. 

The process is straightforward, and following safety precautions is essential. Plus, keeping the unit running continuously not only maintains air quality but is also energy-efficient. 

By taking these steps, I’ve ensured that my Levoit air purifier consistently delivers clean air, improving the indoor air quality of my home.

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